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Gerald Peries received his Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University, U.S.A..Gerald has over 20 years’ experience in training and lecturing for various business organizations and private colleges & universities. His areas of expertise are in Finance and Accounting.

Gerald combines a wide range of practical and hands-on training experience in a challenging and interactive environment. At present he regularly conducts training programs on Accounting Skills for Accounts Clerks & Assistants, Effective Cash Flow Management, Handling Full Set of Accounts/Book-Keeping Skills, Budgeting & Cost Control, Finance for Non-Finance Managers and Making Capital Investment Decisions.

He is also actively involved in lecturing on several M.B.A. and Degree programs affiliated with University of Wales & Binary University. Prior to this, he served as a Finance Manager for a large engineering company for several years where he was responsible for making investment, costing, financing and working capital decisions. His specific duties among others were as follows:

  • Evaluating the viability of long-term projects and making appropriate recommendations to the board of directors.

  • Costing for Projects and preparing quotations.

  • Sourcing for appropriate financing upon approval of projects

  • Preparing the budgets for projects, ensuring compliance and investigating any deviations

  • Reviewing management accounting information with other departments and making presentations to the board of directors.

  • Managing the day to day running of the finance department.

  • He is also a certified trainer with PSMB (Perbadanan Sumber Manusia Berhad).

Training Specialization:

Accounting Skills for Accounts Clerks and Assistants, Finance for Non-Finance Managers & Executives/Finance for Non-Finance Personnel, Handling Full Set of Account/Sharpening Your Accounting Skills/Effective Book Keeping Skills, Effective Cash Flow Management, Accounting for Non-Accounting Personnel, Budgeting & Cost Control, Financial Inverstment Appraisal.

List of Companies that have benefited from his training:

Tenaga Nasional Berhad, MRCB, KLAS, Glomac Bhd, SPAD, IOI Bhd, Maju Holdings, Sime Darby Properties, Bank Pembangunan, Mitsui-Soko, Petronas, Hitech Padu, Darul Eshan Medical Centre, Brahim’s, Naza, Mattel, MAS, Westport and many other organisations.

Cash Flow Management For Accounts Executives & Officers

23 April 2021 (9:00am-5:00pm)


In today’s uncertain business environment that is plagued by COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial for all businesses to have a tighter control of their cash flow. This would enable them to survive these troubling times while preparing themselves for the recovery.

Profits would have to be sacrificed in place of cash flow.

This course will enable participants to:-

Ø Understand and Analyse Financial Statements

Ø Evaluate the current cash flow situation of the organisation and appropriately advise management

Ø Manage the organisation’s cash flow effectively to ensure its continued financial health.

Ø Understanding their role and contribution in maintaining a healthy cash flow for their organisation.

Ø Learn effective techniques to monitor and manage working capital

Ø Re-evaluate their costing techniques and pricing policies

Ø Participate in the long-term cash flow planning to meet company’s long term goals.

Program Outlines



· Introduction

· Financial Ratios to Monitor Liquidity

· The Operating Cycle

· The Cash Conversion Cycle


· Percentage of Sales Method

· Forecasting Spontaneous & Discretionary Financing

· Activity



· Importance & implications of Working Capital to Cash Flow

· Risk-Return Trade-Off on Profitability & Liquidity

· Trade Credit Evaluation-Evaluating early payment discounts from vendors

· Accounts Receivable Management – evaluating early payment discounts to customers

· Activity




· Profit Statement

· Fixed and variable cost

· Decision Making

· Break-even Analysis – know your Break-Even Point

· Activity



· Making long-term Investment Decisions

· Forecasting Relevant Project Cash Flows

· Project evaluation Techniques – Payback, NPV, IRR

· Accepting or Rejecting Projects

· Activity

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Who Should Attend

  • Executives and other staff in organisation whose day to day activities have an influence on the cash flow position of their organisation.

  • Entrepreneurs who need a good understanding of cash flow management to better manage their companies during this challenging period.


· Interactive Lectures

· Discussions

· Case Studies

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

· Skills in understanding & analysing financial statements with a view to improve the organisation’s cash flow.

· Skills in forecasting cash flow requirements

· Skills evaluating working capital policies

· Skills in analysing costing and pricing decisions

· Skills in analyzing and selecting appropriate investment projects

Course Fees

Nett - RM 700.00

(Incl 6% Service Tax)

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