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Mr. Stephen Kum (MBA, USA) is a fellow of The Institute of Freight Association, The Institute of Logistics & Transport, The Institute of Business Administration. Former Vice Chairman of the Persatuan Logistik Selangor and co-founder of Global Logistician Network.

He has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the fields of international trade, global procurement, freight operation, logistics and supply chain management. His consultancy expertise relates to Incoterms execution, trade documentation, suppliers development, shipping risks and export strategies.

He was the Managing Director of a global logistics provider with network in UK, USA and Australiasia. Held various contractual senior positions as Country Manager of Esprit Shipping (HK), Sales Director with Karl Schroff Associates (US) and Business Development Manager with Port Cargo International (UK). Associated with Cambridge International College as their Training Consultant, Program Examiner with Durham Logistics College and Resident Consultant with TPL Global Chains Management.

He has been involved in corporate training and executives development since 2002 for national corporation ( DRB,TNB, MAHB, etc) multinational companies (Mitsubishi Corp, British American Tobacco, Alstom Power, etc) market leaders (Goodyear, Hitachi, Siemens, etc) academy of learning and development (OCBC Trade Academy, Boustead Naval Academy, etc). His embassy clientele includes trade divisions of Nigerian Embassy, Sudan Embassy and Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. He has developed Shipping programs for Institute Technology Multimedia, Logistics program for Sentral City Institute, Freight management program for PSNB and Open University Malaysia. Developed post graduate courses in Supply Chain Management for Camden University and Export Management for Metropolitan University organized from Kuala Lumpur.

Basic Purchasing & Supplying Practices

27 April 2021 (9:00am-5:00pm)


The contribution of Purchasing and Supply Management has revolutionized into a critical boardroom agenda due tThe contribution of Purchasing and Supply Management has revolutionized into a critical boardroom agenda due to the volatility and versatility of global supply base, including the digital platforms.

Not only a major concern in the pre contractual undertakings. But equally, more critical in the post contractual time horizon.

In order to optimize and sustain the organization value chain, a pre-planned procurement orientation key tasks and processes is the strategic framework.o the volatility and versatility of global supply base, including the digital platforms.

Program Outlines

1. The Strategic Importance of a Firm’s Supplier Orientation –

The strategic choice elements of price, volume and nature of procured items. Segmenting of low value added and non strategic commodities.

The performance gaps demonstrated through cost control, quality sustainability and customer responsiveness.

2. Developing the Supplier’s Supply Management System

The factors of commitment, communication, measurement and trust under the collaboration steps. The factors of performance, agreement, improvement and planning under the generic steps approach.

The appointment of project champion, development team and process owners in the stages of the management system.

3. The Effective and Efficient Purchasing Roles and Tasks –

Deploying the 10R’s of achievement in the procurement cycle. Formation of the procured items matrix and supply configuration.

The purchasing and supplying ethical obligations and responsibilities in the purchaser and supplier organization.

4. Implementing the Appropriating documents and contracts –

The provisional rights and liabilities at the pre to post transaction stages. Analyzing the hidden risks and costs elements form quotation to delivery order.

The strength and weakness of documentation form purchaser and supplier perspective. Mitigating the deviation and collusion gaps.

5. Managing supplier-purchaser relationship in the supply system –

The power versus the trust orientation leading to win-win or lose-lose situation. Focusing the operational to tactical collaboration.

Eradicating the purchaser supplier barriers and developing the standard best practice in all compartments.

6. Controlling and Monitoring the Procurement Process –

The performance audit and continuous improvement method. From evaluation stage to assessment status. The enablers of process empowerment and performance competency.

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Who Should Attend

All executives and managers involving Sourcing and Supply, Procurement and Purchasing, Finance and Costing, Planning and Ordering, Contract Drafting and Management.


An interactive lectures and assignments workshop with practical approach and case studies appreciation.

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Familiarizing the fundamentals of purchasing and supplying

  • Understanding the importance of supplier’s competencies

  • Scanning the buyers sellers market constraints and challenges

  • Learning the process flow from sourcing to executing orders

Course Fees

Nett - RM 700.00

(Incl 6% Service Tax)

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