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Ms. Anita Shanmugam has vast experience gained in managing people; she has also developed skills in training over the years. Her clients had benefited immensely from her coaching and mentoring. She started off as a corporate Sales Executive and later held the position of Sales / Marketing Director. Currently she is a trainer for all levels including operations, supervisory and managerial staff, both in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Having more than 11 years of experience in the training arena, she is known to facilitate her programs using very practical hands-on approach, enabling participants to relate to her teachings easier.

She has intense dedication towards improving personal and organizational performances. With a track record in the corporate/private sector Anita brings extensive experience from the corporate world and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Human Relations Trainers” blending practical concerns. She is also a certified NLP Practioner that believes you need to be able to communicate with and influence yourself, family, friends, colleagues or clients. She believes that professionally everyone needs to understand how important it is to able to make yourself understood and to effectively influence. It’s a real skill to understand and grasp new concepts quickly from others and to be able to communicate at all levels and she dedicates her time now to help others change their life for the better.

Administrative Professionals

9 April 2021 (9:00am-5:00pm)


As technology continues to expand in offices across the world, the role of the office professional has greatly evolved. Office automation and organizational restructuring have led administrative assistants to assume a wider range of new responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff.

Many administrative assistants now provide training and orientation for new staff, conduct research on the Internet, and operate and troubleshoot new office technologies. Administrative assistants today are responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties necessary to run an organization efficiently.

This interactive 1 day program will help you meet all these challenges and transform you from an admin assistant to a knowledge assistant.

Program Outlines


The Life of the Administrative Assistant

As the reliance on technology continues to expand in offices, the role of the office professional has greatly evolved. Office automation and organizational restructuring have led administrative assistants to assume responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. This modules introduces you to the core responsibilities of the knowledgeable administrative assistant

  1. Roles and Responsible

  2. Knowledge Skills and Competencies

  3. Assess the importance of your organisation’s culture and strategy to your role


The Knowledgeable Assistants Communication

Secretaries and administrative assistants should be proficient in keyboarding and good at spelling, punctuation, grammar, and oral communication. Employers also look for good customer service and interpersonal skills because administrative assistants must be tactful in their dealings with people. Discretion, good judgment, organizational or management ability, initiative, and the ability to work independently are especially important for higher level administrative positions. This module covers areas in:

  • Business Communications

  • Oral Communication

  • Written Communication

  • Telecommunications


Today’s administrative assistants are having to effectively support more members of the executive staff. In a number of organizations administrative assistants work in teams to work flexibly and share their expertise. Administration Professionals recognizes that apart from learning to optimise your own effectiveness and productivity, to be more effective, you need to be able to increase the effectiveness of your team, deal with difficult people, manage conflicts and stress This module teaches you how to be a more effective team member.

  • Handling Difficult People

  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Building Rapport

  • Understand what motivates people


Effective Time Management in a Reactive Support Role

Today’s administrative assistants need to know how to overcome the time management challenges of a role dependent on the priorities of others. This modules covers:

  • Identifying and eliminating procrastination by understanding when and why you procrastinate.

  • Working towards creating a more proactive environment to better juggle your routine and reactive duties.

  • Ensuring your efforts are directed towards the most critical areas of your job.

Applying techniques which will help you prioritise effectively and focus on activities that add most value to the organization

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Who Should Attend


After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job


1. Utilise the principles of project and time management to successfully manage your workload

2. Develop your administrative strengths

3. Develop effective communication skills

Course Fees

Nett - RM 689.00

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