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Dr. V. Thanabalan Velloo Phd, MBA, BSc(Hons) has extensive experience in the field of operations performance improvement particularly in various manufacturing and services industries. He is not only an excellent and resourceful trainer, he is also skilled in management and leadership of organizations. He graduated with an honour’s degree in Management and Biochemistry from University of Science Malaysia in 1987. He started his career in the manufacturing operations as a Production Executive and gradually moved in various managerial positions such as Production Manager Packaging Manager, Planning and Logistics Manager, Sales Manager and Factory Manager. To name a few of the organizations that he has worked for are Carsem semiconductor, Baxter Healthcare, London Rubber Company, Solectron, Mona Industries and Asiatic Dipped Products. This experience has given him a thorough understanding of the opportunities and problems involved with managing work, people and customers.

While working in the manufacturing sector he pursued an MBA program with University Kebangsaan Malaysia, majoring in General Management in 1996. Upon completion of his MBA in 1998 and also due to his passion for training, he switched his career to Training and development. To date he has conducted more than 900 training programs mainly in the area of employee development, customer management and operations management/ improvement. He is a very versatile trainer not only on the topics that he could train but a bilingual trainer as well. His fluency in Bahasa Malaysia has given him a competitive advantage especially in the present workplace condition.

As a corporate trainer he realized a major concern by organizations regarding Transfer of Training which he became interested to explore. He realized that organizations became concerned in sending their employees for trainings, as they don’t seem to transfer their knowledge/skills gained back to the workplace. Due to this he pursued his Ph.D in 2007 in order to identify the barriers to Training Transfer. He completed his Ph.D in 2013. Besides trainings, he also lectures part time in various higher learning institutions for their Degree and Masters programs. To name a few are University of Malaya, University Sedaya International and University Putra Malaysia.

To date he has conducted many public and in-house trainings in many business areas for government organizations and private sectors such as Ministry of Defence, TLDM, UMW, Titan Group, CS Metal Industries, Sharp Roxy, Petronas, ShinEtsu Sdn. Bhd., Triplus Industry, Metrod Sdn. Bhd., Shinko Electronics, Green Riverwood, Omron Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd., YTY Industry, Maruyama Sdn. Bhd,Top Glove etc. .He has provided quality trainings to more than 5000 clients over the past ten years.

He is a certified trainer with PSMB and to date has also conducted TNA projects and Train the Trainer programs for several companies. He is also a certified business coach representing University Malaya in coaching programs. Participants receive enhance benefits and impactful results from his training programs because of his vast industrial exposure in various areas. He empowers people to increase their limits, level of commitment, higher level of performance of the individual, team and the organization in achieving organizational goals.

Kemahiran Kepimpinan Dan Motivasi Untuk Team Leader & Penyelia

6 May 2021 (9:00am-5:00pm)


Kursus ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kemahiran kepimpinan dan motivasi TEAM LEADER (KETUA PASUKAN) dalam sesuatu organisasi. Ia juga berfungsi untuk membina keyakinan dikalangan ketua operator, line leader, penyelia, pengurus dan sebagainya. Adalah amat penting untuk TEAM LEADER sesebuah syarikat berkemahiran dalam aspek kepimpinan, motivasi, membina pasukan dan perhubungan kemanusiaan.

Memotivasi dan memimpin pasukan kerja yang berkesan adalah juga penting untuk peningkatan prestasi sesebuah syarikat dan juga perkembangan diri. Hasilnya adalah prestasi yang cemerlang dengan warga kerja yang cemerlang.Syarikat yang akan berjaya untuk masa depan adalah yang boleh memperoleh komitmen semua warga kerjanya.

Program Outlines


  • Kepimpinan dan pengurusan

  • Gaya-gaya kepimpinan

  • Kenapa organisasi memerlukan kepimpinan berkesan.

  • Sikap dan pencapaian kejayaan dalam kerjaya

  • Cabaran cabaran semasa di tempat kerja

  • Peranan dan tanggungjawab lanjutan pemimpin

  • Kepimpinan situasi

  • Tanggung jawab seorang pemimpin

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Who Should Attend


Zoom Meeting

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Untuk mengenalpasti kemahiran motivasi

  • Untuk mengenal pasti sumbangan kepimpinan dalam perkembangan perhubungan manusia tyang berkesan.

  • Berkeupayaan menangani masalah disiplin dalam diri mereka.

  • Mengetahui gaya gaya kepimpinan yang berlainan dan bagaimana anda boleh mempengaruhi pekerja dengan tabiat kerja yang positif.

  • Untuk mengenalpasti cara cara memotivasikan ,meningkatkan komitmen dan membina kesetiaan pekerja.

Course Fees

Nett - RM 700.00

(Incl 6% Service Tax)

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