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Mr. Kum Foong Sang (MBA, USA) aka Stephen Kum is a fellow of The Institute of Freight Association, The Institute of Logistics & Transport, The Institute of Business Administration. Former Vice Chairman of the Persatuan LogistikSelangor and co-founder of Global Logistician Network.

He has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the fields of international trade, global procurement, freight operation, logistics and supply chain management. His consultancy expertise relates to Incoterms execution, trade documentation, suppliers development, shipping risks and export strategies.

He was the Managing Director of a global logistics provider with network in UK, USA and Australasia. Held various contractual senior positions as Country Manager of Esprit Shipping (HK), Sales Director with Karl Schroff Associates (US) and Business Development Manager with Port Cargo International (UK). Associated with Cambridge International College as their Training Consultant, Program Examiner with Durham Logistics College and Resident Consultant with TPL Global Chains Management.

He has been involved in corporate training and executives development since 2002 for national corporation ( DRB,TNB, MAHB, etc.) multinational companies (Mitsubishi Corp, British American Tobacco, Alstom Power, etc.) market leaders (Goodyear, Hitachi, Siemens, etc.) academy of learning and development (OCBC Trade Academy, Boustead Naval Academy, etc.). His embassy clientele includes trade divisions of Nigerian Embassy, Sudan Embassy and Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. 

He has developed Shipping programs for Institute Technology Multimedia, Logistics program for SentralCity Institute, Freight management program for PSNB and Open University Malaysia. Developed post graduate courses in Supply Chain Management for Camden University and Export Management for Metropolitan University organized from Kuala Lumpur.

Strategy Procurement And Vendor Negotiation Competency

21 May 2021


Procurement Management is a competitive weapon that distinguishes successful and profitable organizations from others within the same industry. The impact of procurement on business performance hits the profit margins. Thus, the smaller the profit margin, the more critical is the focus on the procurement costs and risks collectively.

Hand in hand, be able to negotiate with vendors and suppliers in a more efficient and effective manner is an added empowerment.

Program Outlines

The Procurement Management Orientation in Organization

  • Rationale of creating value in the customer’s domain

  • Essentiality of procurement practices and processes

  • Functionality of procured items and services matrix

The Implementation of an Effective Purchasing System

  • The 5 principal parameters of objectives in purchasing

  • The 7 tactical methods deployed in purchasing

  • The 6 organizational models of controlling in purchasing

The Factors of an Effective Buying Procedural Flow

  • Applying the VA/VE analysis from sourcing to purchasing

  • Deploying the PORTER focus on organization collusion

  • Analyzing the SWOT parameters in the purchasing cycle

The Enablers of Supplier Development and Management

  • Generalizing the process from initiating to monitoring

  • Eliminating the supplier activities wastes and barriers

  • Optimizing the performance and cost in supply gaps

The Purchasing Negotiation Steps and Stages

  • The pre and post negotiating preparation levels

  • The documentation of Crib Sheet and BATNA creation

  • The winning attitude of behavioral composure

Negotiable Elements of Price and Quality in Purchasing

  • The variants of price versus cost rationalization

  • The quality versus specification differentiation

  • The service versus performance marginalization

The Purchaser and Supplier Ethical and Conduct Code

  • Avoidance of sharp practices in external and internal phases

  • Mitigation of customary rites and cultural differences

  • Neutralization of communication and interaction methods

Purchasing and Supplying Malpractices in Procurement Cycle

  • Improper statement in documentation used

  • Inappropriate rulings in contractual binding

  • Irrelevant scope in procedural acceptance

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Who Should Attend

  • An empowerment course for all Supply Chain Management staff

  • A mandatory course for all personnel in Sourcing, Purchasing, Ordering, Receiving, Supplying, Costing and Finance


A workshop based seminar with assignments and interactive group activities reinforcing the understanding of learning points and related participant’s job scope

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Understanding the procurement level from operational to strategic

  • Learning the tactical factors of the purchasing supplying cycle

  • Realizing the importance of supplier development and management

  • Familiarizing the competency attitude of negotiation and tactics

Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 780 / person

Group Discount (for 3 or more participants) ~ RM 663 / person

(Incl. 6% Service Tax)

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