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Ms. Carol Chiam a.k.a. O.K.Chiam is a professional trainer, mentor, motivator, public speaker, customer service & sales expert and an author of several quality books. (Customer Service Excellence, Sell Like A Superstar, The Complete Salesmaster, Winning Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business English Communication, Guide To Telemarketing, Stress Management, Back To Basics For Good English Grammar).

She has with her more than 28 years of vast working experience in more than 8 industries. She had worked in many leading public listed and multinational companies . During her exposure, she has acquired no less than 18 years experience in training and development of employees and agents. She had worked in many industries including Banking, Insurance, Investment, Advertising, Hospitality, Construction, Education, etc.

Her wide exposure in Sales Management, Customer Focus Management, People Management & Business English Communication not only made her a successful sales achiever but also an excellent trainer, mentor, motivator and public speaker in these fields. Her vast experience in many fields and her professional qualifications have given her an extra edge in writing several comprehensive books to share her knowledge. Her books include 8 personal development books and 2 real life story books. Furthermore, she is also a much sought after and successful English Language and soft skills trainer for big conglomerates, GLCs, big pubic listed companies, manufacturing companies, ministries, government departments, universities,etc.

She is a reputable and seasoned professional trainer for public and in house programmes on People Skills, Management, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business English Communication , English Conversation & Business Writing ,Time Management ,Debt Collection Skills, Soft Skills and Personal Development For Executives and Managers. Her participants included those from large Multinational Companies, leading Conglomerates, Financial & Service sectors, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction, Ministries, Bank Negara, GLCs, SMIs, SMEs, Universities, etc. She is also an approved PSMB trainer (TTT Exempted). She travels widely and offers training locally and abroad.

She is well accepted especially in English programmes and Soft Skills due to her ability to communicate in 3 languages, namely: Malay, English and Mandarin.

A strong believer in reinventing and continuous improvement, she places attitude as the most important criteria for any success. She strongly endorses the “ keep learning” habit for personal development.

“Knowledge is no power but Application is“

Reinventing Selling Skills Amid The Pandemic Challenges

19 May 2021


Equip with top selling skills to face the pandemic storm.

A change in sales competency is much needed in this difficult time.

Salespersons need to power up their skills to achieve their sales targets in this tough time. Complacency in existing sales skills will fail you in getting business.

Mindset change is of prime importance. Understand the emotions of prospects and customers during this tough time. Their needs are always there but demanding even more now with the pandemic fears.

Patience and Persistency bring sales rewards. These 2Ps make a big difference in sales at all times.

This course is designed to help salespersons to do sales confidently during this pandemic crisis.

It helps participants to have a stronger mindset and capability to deal with increasing objections and needs amid the pandemic fears.

The training aims to motivate salespersons to cope with the pandemic challenges in getting sales.


  • To build a team of competent salespersons in this difficult time.

  • To motivate salespersons to bring back more sales despite the pandemic challenges

  • To deal with the ever increasing difficult prospects intelligently

  • To achieve company’s goals and objectives

Program Outlines


  • Understand the emotions and the needs of prospects and customers

  • Understand your own emotions and sales targets given to you

  • What should you do?


  • Overcoming fears in talking online & offline to strangers and prospects

  • Polishing your speaking and presentation skills

  • Improving your writing skills

  • Paying attention to your tone and words


  • Making cold calls professionally

  • Making calls to prospects recommended by existing customers

  • Answering enquiries on your product

  • Replying complaints

  • Mind your voice and tone


  • Building trust in your company and products with attractive websites

  • Using right social media platforms to paint a rosy picture of company and product

  • Improving online skills


  • Creating impressions when talking via video or in person

  • Observe safe distancing when talking to customers

  • Create a customer/friend and not just sales


  • Pay more attention to customers’ needs

  • Avoid assumption.

  • Have empathy and patience not forgetting this time of pandemic


  • Right mindset in handling objections during this tough time

  • Make every objection a lesson or an opportunity

  • Dos and Don’t’s bearing in mind the time of pandemic worries


  • Promote “ value” and not just the product

  • Solve fast : enquiry and needs

  • Build up emotional intelligence to handle them

  • Remember we are all amid the pandemic crisis with more worries

  • Make contacts available in case there be “ be backs”


  • Use the right technique and not any tactic

  • Avoid “ be backs” if possible.

  • Do not forget we are amid the pandemic crisis

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Who Should Attend

  • New & Existing Salespersons/Consultants

  • Sales Managers & Executives

  • Those who are uncertain of sales achievement during this tough time


  • Interactive Lectures

  • Role Plays & Team Activities with safe distancing in mind

  • Case studies for discussion

  • Power point presentation with flip charts and boards

  • Full participation is required

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Raising confidence level in meeting sales targets amid the pandemic crisis

  • Becoming more competitive with the acquired skills

  • Developing a mental helmet to weather storms from difficult prospects

  • More determined to achieve sales

Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 780/ person

Group Discount ~ RM 663 / person (for 3 or more participants)

(Price incl. 6% Service Tax)

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