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Ms. Carol Chiam a.k.a. O.K.Chiam is a professional trainer, mentor, motivator, public speaker, customer service & sales expert and an author of several quality books. (Customer Service Excellence, Sell Like A Superstar, The Complete Salesmaster, Winning Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business English Communication, Guide To Telemarketing, Stress Management, Back To Basics For Good English Grammar).

She has with her more than 28 years of vast working experience in more than 8 industries.She had worked in many leading public listed and multinational companies. During her exposure, she has acquired no less than 18 years experience in training and development of employees and agents. She had worked in many industries including Banking, Insurance, Investment, Advertising, Hospitality, Construction, Education, etc.

Her wide exposure in Sales Management, Customer Focus Management, People Management & Business English Communication not only made her a successful sales achiever but also an excellent trainer, mentor, motivator and public speaker in these fields. Her vast experience in many fields and her professional qualifications have given her an extra edge in writing several comprehensive books to share her knowledge. Her books include 8 personal development books and 2 real life story books. Furthermore, she is also a much sought after and successful English Language and soft skills trainer for big conglomerates, GLCs, big pubic listed companies, manufacturing companies, ministries, government departments, universities,etc.

She is a reputable and seasoned professional trainer for public and in house programmes on People Skills, Management, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business English Communication, English Conversation & Business Writing,Time Management, Debt Collection Skills, Soft Skills and Personal Development For Executives and Managers. Her participants included those from large Multinational Companies, leading Conglomerates, Financial & Service sectors, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction, Ministries, Bank Negara, GLCs, SMIs, SMEs, Universities, etc. She is also an approved PSMB trainer (TTT Exempted). She travels widely and offers training locally and abroad.

She is well accepted especially in English programmes and Soft Skills due to her ability to communicate in 3 languages, namely: Malay, English and Mandarin.

A strong believer in reinventing and continuous improvement, she places attitude as the most important criteria for any success. She strongly endorses the “ keep learning” habit for personal development.

“Knowledge is no power but Application is“

Mastering Important Job Skills For Success During The Pandemic

23 June 2021


Business is not as usual now. Big adjustments for everyone in employment.

New ways of doing things and new thinkings are the adverse effects of the pandemic crisis.

Employees need to reinvent and upskill to help employers to stay alive and survive in the even competitive business world.

The employers must ensure their employees are equipped with the relevant skills for maximum productivity whether working from home or at the office.

This course helps participants to upskill their competencies and regain work confidence after lockdowns. It helps to motivate employees for more work momentum despite this tough time.

The training helps them to become more positive, flexible and motivated to contribute more for achieving company objectives and goals.


  • Raising confidence level of employees in this time of pandemic crisis

  • Ability to adapt to changes brought by the pandemic

  • To be more positive despite the pandemic worries

  • Willingness to work with the right attitude and good work ethics

  • More flexible in accepting job responsibilities

Program Outlines


  • Pandemic Effect Resulting Different Thinkings And New Expectations

  • Urgent Need For A More Positive Mindset To Address This Difficult Time

  • Understanding The Mental Health Of Employees And Employers


  • Learn Some Useful Strategies!

  • Physical and Emotional Endurance are put to test

  • Only The Fittest Survive In Hard Times


  • Compliance Of All Company Policies

  • Be Good-Punctuality, Accuracy, Honesty & Meeting Deadlines/Targets

  • Work Smart But “Hard”, Too

  • Flexibility in Accepting Job Assignments

  • Willingness To Learn

  • Setting Boundaries between work and family if requires to work from home


  • Enhancing Internal Communication: staff, peers and bosses

  • Not Forgetting External Communication: customers and others

  • Setting Priorities Right: Patience, Clarity, Simplicity & Empathy

  • Mindful Of Your Language Proficiency


Big Adjustments For Everyone !
Adapt, Adapt & Adapt!

  • Accepting Work Changes To Get Productivity Going

  • Acknowledging that” Moving On” Is Important Amid The Many Changes In Life

  • Employee Relations - Building More Tolerance Of Difficult People

  • Give and Take


  • Essence of Self & Team Leadership

  • Changing Leadership Styles To Suit Different Situations

  • Facing Missteps & Solve Problems Fast

  • Transparency - Communicating & Sharing Information


  • Thinking Out Of The Box

  • Enhancing Creativity Blossom

  • Shifting Perspectives

  • Developing More New Ideas For Work Improvement In Office Or At Home

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Who Should Attend

  • Executives & Managers working in the office or from home

  • Those who need to upskill for better work contribution amid the pandemic fears

  • People returning to work after lockdowns

  • Level of Understanding : Intermediate


  • Interactive Lectures With Role Plays & Activities

  • Power point presentation

  • Flip charts & White boards will be used

  • Full participation is required to make the training more energised

  • and interesting.

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

A. To upskill employees for more work contribution and excellence

B. To realign the mindset of employees in this trying time

C. To achieve company’s goals and objectives for business survival during and post


Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 750/ person

Group Discount ~ RM 638 / person (for 3 or more participants)

(Price incl. 6% Service Tax)