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Carol Chiam a.k.a. O.K.Chiam is a professional trainer, mentor, motivator, public speaker, customer service & sales expert and an author of several quality books. She has with her more than 28 years of vast working experience in more than 8 industries.

She had worked in many leading public listed and multinational companies. During her exposure, she has acquired no less than 18 years experience in training and development of employees and agents .She had worked in many industries including Banking, Insurance, Investment, Advertising, Hospitality, Construction, Education, etc.

Her wide exposure in Sales Management, Customer Focus Management, People Management & Business English Communication not only made her a successful sales achiever but also an excellent trainer, mentor,motivator and public speaker in these fields. Her vast experience in many fields and her professional qualifications have given her an extra edge in writing several comprehensive books to share her knowledge. Her books include 8 personal development books and 2 real life story books. Furthermore, she is also a much sought after and successful English Language and soft skills trainer for big conglomerates, GLCs, big pubic listed companies, manufacturing companies, ministries, government departments, universities,etc.

She is a reputable and seasoned professional trainer for public and in house programmes on People Skills,Management, Leadership, Marketing & Sales, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Business English Communication, English Conversation & Business Writing, Time Management, Debt Collection Skills, Soft Skills and Personal Development For Executives and Managers. Her participants included those from large Multinational Companies, leading Conglomerates, Financial & Service sectors, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction, Ministries, Bank Negara, GLCs, SMIs, SMEs, Universities, etc. She is also an approved PSMB trainer (TTT Exempted). She travels widely and offers training locally and abroad.

She is well accepted especially in English programmes and Soft Skills due to her ability to communicate in 3 languages, namely: Malay, English and Mandarin. A strong believer in reinventing and continuous improvement, she places attitude as the most important criteria for any success. She strongly endorses the “ keep learning” habit for personal development.

“ Knowledge is no power but Application is “

Effective Multi-Tasking And Time Management For Maximum Performance

13 August 2021


Everyone is busy at work and business in the competitive market these days.

We know very well that if we manage our time properly, we will be exceptionally productive. In reality, not many people know how to manage time and prioritise intelligently .

It is common these days for employees to have multi – tasks. If the tasks are not done properly, the consequence will have bad effects on the companies. Productive work can only be done with proper time management . Time management is a must have ability and no longer an option.

We need to get rid of time wasters, time traps and time robbers in order to increase productivity. There are many interruptions and impromptu matters in the office. We must learn the appropriate time management methods to get rid of the disturbance if we want to achieve maximum performance.

This course helps us to get rid of time wasters, time robbers and escape time traps at the workplace. The end result is the much desired maximum performance. This training also enhances performing multi- tasks effectively with appropriate time management skills

Program Outlines


  • Taking on Too Much

  • Ineffective Scheduling

  • Over Complication

  • Lack Of Thinking Through Things

  • Failure To Delegate

  • Not Setting Goals

  • Lack Of “To Do List”

  • Too Busy

  • No Planning


  • Getting Organised

  • Effective Planning

  • Manage People Well

  • Take Account Of Time


  • Clarity - No Assumptions

  • Accuracy – No Errors

  • Asking Intelligently - No Repetition


  • Dealing With Work Priorities

  • Planning According To Importance

  • Increase Level Of Efficiency

  • The Best Way To Multi Task At Work



  • Handling Last Minute Work

  • Manage Interruption & Distractions

  • When to say , “ No”.


  • Learn To Let Go

  • Destress To Re–energise

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Who Should Attend

  • Executive, Managers & Businessmen with busy schedules and multi-tasks.

  • Employees with the desire to overcome office interruptions in order to achieve maximum performance with less time.


  • Full participation will be required for maximum effectiveness

  • Lecture, Role Plays, Individual & Team Activities will be included

  • Power-point presentation, flip charts and white boards will be used

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Able to  perform multi - tasking effectively

  • Able to get rid of office interruptions with appropriate time management skills

  • Able to organise and plan well for maximum performance

  • Able to be on track with confidence

  • Able to increase productivity with less time

  • Raise ability in achieving company’s objectives

Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 750/ person

Group Discount ~ RM 638 / person (for 3 or more participants)

(Price incl. 6% Service Tax)