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Ms. Ambigah Krishnan, LL.B (Hons) London, CLP (Malaysia), TESOL (Canada) has more than 15 years of training and corporate experience in legal topics including civil litigation, Mergers & Acquisition, company law, corporate, Employment & Industrial Relations and banking issues. She is a PSMB licensed corporate trainer [Licence No TTT/3886] and Corporate Legal Adviser who has vast professional experience in the training industry. She has excellent communication, writing, people and class management skills.

Work Experience
Ambigah Krishnan is an experienced lawyer and trainer and has been involved in civil litigation, employment matters, Employment Law and IR, company matters, corporate, banking issues and Testamentary issues including the writing of Wills. She has trained and lectured for private companies and government entities. Participants made up of managers, CEOs, CFOs, corporate and government support staff and executives.

Areas Trained
She has conducted seminars for the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 & Standards 2015 and is experienced in project management on Personal Data Protection Compliance implementation, Employment law including mock Industrial hearings of Domestic Inquiries, Law relating to Termination under Malaysian Labour law, Employment Law for HR and Non HR Managers, Tenancy laws and Procedure, Drafting Commercial Contracts and Terms, Seminar on Prevention of Staff Fraud in association with PDRM, Entrepreneur seminars for fresh graduates and business community.

She has trained for the Federation of Manufacturers of Malaysia (FMM) in areas of Contract law.

Involved in advice and drafting of Human Resource policies and procedures and has written Human Resource Manual for the corporate sector and also is involved in the drafting and advice of Personal data processes, procedures and policies.

In summary
When not conducting training programs, Ambigah Krishnan is busy with her legal consultation especially in the corporate field.

Benefits of hiring Ms. Ambigah Krishnan
Ms. Ambigah’s forte in conducting legal programs is that she enhances Legal programs with Legal Practitioner’s advice and opinions. She also shares her experience as Legal advisor and Litigation lawyer to be part of teaching of legal programs. She is able to combine the elements taught in a specific program both soft skills and Legal with real life requirements for those on the job.

Industry Experience
Trained for Telecommunication sector, Health sector, Finance sector, Government of Malaysia, Insurance sector, Education sector [Universities and colleges],Government Linked Companies, Auto Industry sector and Manufacturing sector.

Understanding Commercial Tenancies/ Leases & Lawful Evictions

22 - 23 October 2020


Program Outlines


  • Classification of Tenancies and Duration of Tenancies

  • Term tenancy and otherwise –Rights of both parties

  • Rental Amount and Rent Acceleration Clauses

  • Control of Rent (Repeal) Act of 1997

  • Deposits

  • Exit Clause


  • Business environment and Tenancy Contract

  • Termination of Tenancy

  • The Malaysian Legal System

  • Landlord’s Remedies

  • Eviction



  • Termination of Tenancy and Eviction of Tenant

  • Events of Default by Landlord

  • Events of Default by Tenant

To decide if Landlord wants to continue with Tenancy or take back the Property.

  1. Where the landlord wishes to continue with the tenancy he may apply for a writ of distress under the Distress Act 1951 (Act 255).

  2. What is an Action for Distress and the effect of the Specific Relief Act 1950

  3. Procedural Steps for an application of a Writ of Distress.

  4. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Writ of Distress

Module 4: Where the Landlord wants to Terminate the Tenancy and take back the Property

  • Issuance of Notice to Quit

  • The effect of Issuance of Notice to Quit on Written and Unwritten Tenancies

  • Procedural Steps to take back Property once Notice to Quit is served

  • Situations where Tenant refuses to leave and Landlord’s Rights in terms of Rental accrual Calculation and the Writ of Possession


  • Effect of Civil Law Act 1956

  • Clauses that must be drafted into the Tenancy Agreements to ensure effective debt collection.

  • Double Rental

Module 5

  • Discussion on scope of Liability in Tenancy Agreements

  • Understanding Joint and Several Liability in Business Tenancies

  • How to Create Joint and Several Liability in a Business Tenancy

  • How to Destroy Joint and Several Liability

Boiler Plates and Tenancy Agreement:

  1. The significance of boilerplates used in this Tenancy agreement.

  2. Severability clause

  3. The law under Force Majeure and COVID-19 impact.

  4. Contra Proferentem Rule and writing out of it

  5. Waiver clause

  6. Notice and its importance

  7. Survival and Merger Clause

Module 6: Contract restructure

  • Variations in tenancy agreements including where rental becomes difficult under COVID-19. 

  • Novation and Assignment Explained

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Who Should Attend

The Management / HR executives and Supervisors


Power Point Presentation, Discussion, Small group activities, Problem Solving using real life scenarios from the workplace.

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 1,484 / Person

Group Discount (For 3 Or More Participants) ~ RM 1,335.60 / Person

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