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Hjh. Rita Juniati Rutaff is a qualified and experienced Human Resource Practitioner, Consultant,  Trainer, Speaker and internationally accredited Trainer focusing on  specialized areas such as Communications and Personality, Organizational  Development, Talent Management, Change Management, Capability and  Competency-based training. She conducts Human Resource Business Plan,  coaches, advises leaders on key strategy issues that improve  individuals, departments and organizational current and future  performance requirements for various organizations she worked with.

She is internationally recognised and accredited licensed trainer  by Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training Programs, Dimensions  Development International Programs (DDI), Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP) and Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for  in-house programs.

Her diverse background and qualifications, added with strong anchor  in Human Resources & Training experience had accelerated her role  as “In-house Consultant” and training effectiveness which adds value to  building human capital to organisations she dealt with. Moreover, her  sound analytical skills and being strong advocate to Information  Technology are her strengths that had led organizations to greater  heights with remarkable achievements.

Her performance track records with strong commitment and great  passion in people development has helped her to head Human Resources and  Training Development departments successfully in various organisations  from diversified industries background, namely Malaysia Airlines, Carsem  Semiconductor ( a member of Hong Leong group of companies), Medas  Corporation Berhad, and MTD CAPITAL Group of Companies, a leading  infrastructure conglomerate currently. Occasionally, she will be invited  as speaker, coach and facilitate training and strategic business  planning seminars for other organizations like PETRONAS, ASTRO, BASF and  Ministry of Higher Education etc.

Academically, Rita is a bright scholar graduated with diverse  professional qualifications. She graduated from Western Michigan  University, USA with a Masters degree (Hons) in Operations Research,  Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)  majoring in Finance and Economics. Prior to that, she was selected as  the Best Student in Diploma in Statistics from MARA Institute of  Technology, Shah Alam in 1980.

In conclusion, Rita  who  has a diverse  professional qualifications   with  diversified industries’ career experiences as a Human Resource  practitioner, professional trainer and leader for more than 25 years  experience,  have  made her  versatile, experienced and dynamic  trainer   in her own unique way, would add value to organizations’ growth  and  sustainability in  improving the nextGEN workforce.


21 - 22 June 2021


The understanding on the word “service” and “work” would give a different impact on individual’s passion and performance level. Working in a Customer Service environment demands high level of passion, patience and determination in managing different types of customers towards providing excellent customer service. Excellent customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customers’ expectations which consequently drives the customers’ satisfaction. Knowing how to give exceptional service is one of the keys to growing and sustaining a business that leaves a strong “brand connection” and competitive advantage with the customers.

B.E.S.T. Customer Service known as “Beyond Exceptional Service Transformation” is a Two (02) days program that provides the professional skills needed to manage customers’ satisfaction with professionalism and care whilst maintaining good rapport. 

B.E.S.T. Customer Service involves making a commitment to learning what the customers’ needs and wants are, developing action plans that implement customer friendly processes and applying the essential skills, stress management and conflict management that act as a 'glue' to bind all the skills mentioned above towards providing customer service beyond exceptional.

Program Outlines


Ø Training Objectives

Ø "Ice Breaking" Activities

Ø Yourself, Your Role and Your Job Expectations

B. QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – Basic Definitions & Concept

Ø Service vs Work

Ø Quality vs Quantity

Ø Internal Customer vs External Customer

Ø You and Customer

Ø Quality Customer Service

Ø Why Quality Customer Service is Essential?


Ø Basic Skills in General Customer Service

  • Good Communications & Working Relationship

  • 4 Steps in Building Quality Customer Service

  • Understanding Customer Needs

  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction

Ø Counter Services Skills & Courtesies - Interaction Technique - "G.R.E.A.T"

  • Why Counter Services & Courtesies are Essential?

  • Challenges in dealing with Counter Services & Courtesies

  • Effective Counter Services Skills

  • First Impression and Image

  • Focus to Customer:

  • Customer Needs

  • Language

  • Voice Tone

Ø Telephone Skills & Courtesies - Interaction Technique - "G.R.E.A.T"

  • Why Good Telephone Ethics & Courtesies are Essential?

  • Common Mistakes in Telephone Ethics and Courtesies

  • Basic Telephone Techniques and Courtesies

  • Focus to Customer with Good First Impression:

  • · Customer Needs

  • · Language

  • · Expressions of Voice Tone

  • Managing Incoming and Outgoing Calls

  • Taking Messages and Follow-up

  • Closing the Calls

Ø Managing Different Customer Behaviours

  • Angry

  • Impatience

  • Indecisive

  • Friendly and Talkative

  • Threatens


Ø Customer Conflict Management

  • Understanding Different Personality Types of Customers

  • Managing and Adapting to Customers’ Personality

Ø Creative Problem Solving

  • Creative vs Analytical Thinking

  • Creative Thinking Tools

  • Creative Problem Solving Process

Ø Stress Management

  • Basic Concept of Stress Management

  • What Causes Stress

  • Types of Stress

  • Stress Symptoms

  • How To Manage Stress

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Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Officers, Executives and above who deals with Internal & External Customers.


Ms Hjh Rita  is known for her bubbly personality that delivers any of her program in a participative, fun and practical approach as to accelerate the adult learning process which comprise of the following methodologies below:

Ø Two-Way Interactions with various Group discussions

Ø Management Simulation Games and Exercises

Ø Experiential Learning

Ø Video

Ø Role Plays

Ø Minimal lectures as to reinforce the learnings

After Attending, You Will Return To Your Job

  • Understand the importance and values of excellent customer service

  • Identify customers’ needs towards satisfaction

  • Enhance Counter Service Skills and Telephone Techniques with courtesy

  • Manage customer complaints assertively and professionally

  • Adapt and manage customers’ different behavior styles

  • Solve Customer Complaints with Creative Problem Solving approach

  • Manage stressful situations more effectively

Course Fees

Normal Fee ~ RM 1425 / person

Group Discount (for 3 or more participants) ~ RM 1275 / person

(Incl. 6% Service Tax)

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