By Mr. Sean Balakrishnen - 19 November 2019, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Kuala Lumpur
(100% Claimable From HRDF/PSMB)

This 1-day training is for young & inexperienced supervisors who require a formal approach to leadership & managing people. The training starts with an activity to create awareness on:
• Not to assume instructions will be carried but closely supervise subordinates.
• The perils of guess-work without first finding out the facts & scrutiny.
• To have a clear thinking mind & to be cautious of personal prejudices & preconceived perceptions.
• The dangers of cursory examination of problems without deeper analysis.
• Developing the ability to make correct decisions under pressure.
• Developing & the importance of imagination in handling problems.

Leadership by itself can be rather complicated without any formal training especially in a multiracial & multicultural work environment. This training program introduces the participants to a formal approach in the Malaysian workplace. The training focuses on first looking at the supervisor himself/herself and then at the people they lead. This training differentiates between leadership & management. Participants will be introduced to leadership concepts of Peter Drucker in supervisory leadership & management, particularly on how the supervisor is the backbone of the organization. There will be emphasis on why the supervisor’s role is an important one in realizing organizational vision as well as his/her contribution to overall productivity.

The training also deals with concepts like a supervisor is already on the management ladder, as such he/she is must think & act like a manager albeit a lower level manager. The training will also emphasize on the supervisors responsibility in understanding & contributing to the company’s objectives & goals. Supervisors will be also be trained on the basic management functions, planning, goal-setting, importance of motivation & how to motivate employees under their care.

Participants will also be exposed to handling & coping with difficult behaviour. The approach during training will be towards finding the root cause of such behaviour as opposed to symptomatic problem-solving without deeper analysis. The participants will be exposed to analysis on cause(s) of such behaviour and how to conduct counseling sessions and monitor subordinates progress.


7 Hours, 1 Day.

  1. Ice Breaker – A psychometric tool for self discovery.
    • Self-realization Activity – Discovering where you are now.
    • Post-mortem of Activity.
    • Role & Functions of Supervisors.
  2. Sharing Peter Drucker’s concepts – The Supervisor as the backbone of the organization:
    • Who are Supervisors?
    • Realizing Supervisors are already on the Management Ladder
    • Roles & Functions of the Supervisor.
    • Understanding & addressing negative / difficult behaviour.
    • Symptoms, Causes and Reasons of difficult behaviour.
    • Is supervisor’s failure a contributing factor to negative behaviour?
    • Psychology behind “Why Do People Behave Negatively”?
    • 14 Ways to Cope and Manage Difficult Behaviour.
  3. Using Coaching & Counseling To Overcome Negative Behaviour & Improve Work Performance
    • Functions of Coaching & Counseling
    • The 6-Step Method for Counseling
    • Rules for observation – When and How to Observe
    • Discussion, Meeting, Concluding, Follow-up Plan
    • The Importance of Giving Performance Feedback
    • How to give Performance Feedback
    • 5 Rules of The Thumb in Giving Performance Feedback
    • Group Activity - Finding a win-win solution to a problem
  4. Introduction to Planning, Implementing Plans & Setting Goals
    • Definition and Meaning of Planning.
    • Importance of Planning in supporting organizational goals.
    • Introduction to A Basic Planning Process using the Rudyard Kipling Tool
    • The 8 Step-method of Preparing & Implementing Plans
    • Setting Goals - The SMARTER Method of setting Goals
  5. Leadership - Managing People With High Performance Leadership
    • Leadership – What it is & What it is not - Looking At Some Definitions
    • Difference Between A Leader & A Manager
    • Difference Between A Leader & A Boss
    • The 4 Basic Leadership Styles
  6. Motivation For Optimum Performance & Productivity
    • Definition - What Energizes, Directs and Sustains Human Behaviour
    • Douglas McGregor’s X and Y Theory & Practical Applications
    • William Ouchi’s Motivation Approaches
    • How to Motivate your Subordinates - 5 Critical Tips
Your Trainer

Mr. Sean Balakrishnen Veerayah has both public and private sector exposure in the fields of human resource development, management, security and occupational safety. He is equally conversant in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Having retired in the rank of a Lieutenant Commander from the Royal Malaysian Navy, he had gained vast experience in leadership, teambuilding, managing and training people for more than 20 years. Sean is a very experienced trainer who has trained several thousands of Malaysians and conducted more than 200 courses nation wide. His training programs have transformed many.

His hands-on extensive experience in leadership, management, occupational safety and security has made him a leading trainer in the country and PSMB has exempted him from attending the Train The Trainer Course. He has also organized and managed athletic meets at the national and ASEAN levels and as served as a judge in the 1989 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur. In his pursuit for self-development and knowledge, he attended a course in entrepreneurship with KUB College University in 1995, qualified himself to be a Lead Assessor in quality with MFQ London in 1996 and has a MBA with University of London. Sean’s private sector exposure as a Human Resource Manager and subsequently as a Group Human Resource Manager in a sales and manufacturing environment and acting as SHO for the company’s factory, qualifies him to train people in these fields.

In recognition of his vast knowledge and experience Sean was invited by University Malaya (UMCCed) to design and deliver 3 modules in English and B.M. - Human Resource Management, Occupational Safety and Security In 2002. In the midst of the economic crisis in 1997 when companies were closing down, he undertook the challenge to open up his own business called SECCON MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY of which he is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant until now, conducting corporate training as his contribution to nation-building towards 2020.

He has also provided consultancy in the area of industrial relations to Philip Wain (M) Sdn Bhd in 1998 and Hiro Food Manufacturing in 2006. He has also done consultancy work for IMPAC as an executive trainer, an International American company known for productivity engineering and cost reduction methods worldwide. As a corporate trainer for 16 years, the evaluation of participants has always been excellent for both in-house as well as public programmes.

Although the list is long, some of the major organizations he has trained are Exxonmobil, PROTON, ASTRO, Deputy Secretaries General from Malaysian Ministries and senior officers from Brunei on leadership, Tenaga Nasional, Bank Negara, Petronas, Petronas Carigali, KL Monorail, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, Multimedia and Communications Commission, IBM, Sabah Skills Technology Centre, Yayasan Sabah and Innoprise, City Link, Colgate Palmolive, Tamura Electronics, Labuan Shipyard, Connel Brothers, Tiong Nam Logistics & Transportation, TEAC Electronics Hutchison Paging (Penang and KL), Mieco Manufacturing, Gaya College, Sabah Foresty Industries, Borneo Samudra, BP North Port, West Port, Bintulu Port, Kuantan Port, PLUS, Bumi Armada, Sejingkat Power (Sarawak), Mukah Power Plant, KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital, Affin Trust Management, TDM Plantations, STAR Publications, University Petronas, University Tenaga, Dimension Bid, Top Glove, Bank, Sime Credit, Ranhill Power, British Amercan Tobacco, RHB Bank, Harper Wira, Hotel Cititel, Concorde Hotel, Karambunai Resorts, Logical Polymer, Healthtronics, Maccaferi, SKF Bearings, LTAT, SME Bank and DBKL, Ministry of Health-Brunei.

Course Fee
(Course fee is inclusive of 2 tea breaks, lunch, course material,Certificate of Attendance)
1 person ~ RM 848 / pax
2 persons or more ~ RM 742 / pax
(Course fee is inclusive of 2 tea breaks, lunch, course material, Certificate of Attendance and 6 % Service Tax )
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