By Hajjah Rita Juniati Rutaff
24 January 2019, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Kuala Lumpur
(100% Claimable From HRDF/PSMB)
“Until We Can Manage Time, We Can Manage Nothing Else”. – Peter Drucker “ Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters” - Pandora Poikilos

Getting the most out of 1 24-hour day is a constant challenge in our daily busy world. Too much to do and not enough time to do is a common challenge for people to face in the workplace. Although we can’t give you more hours in the day, we can guide you in your planning so as to achieve the high productivity.

This One (1 Day) high energy back to basics training program is designed to help participants to learn the fundamentals of time management, understanding the value of time through various methodology towards getting the most out of a day while balancing work and home commitments towards achieving the goals set earlier.

  • Identify time wasters and list out barriers to succesful time management
  • Understand the fundamentals of time management
  • Describe the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks
  • Prioritise their tasks/activities relating to the goals
  • Plan and organise time effectively to balance work and personal commitments
  • Develop action plan for better effective time magement
Benefits to the Organisation

This program is meant to provide employees with with the fundamental knowledge and skills in working smart and manage their time effectively towards optimum performance.

Targeted Participants

All Supervisors, Executives and Managers wishing to improve their skills in effective time management.


7 Hours, 1 Day.

Method of Delivery
Hajjah Rita Juniati Rutaff is a competent Trainer/Facilitator known for her highly participative, fun and practical approach in delivering any program in both Bahasa Malaysia and English, Bilingual or whichever preferred as to accelerate the adult learning process which comprise of the following methodologies below:
  • Two-Way Interactions with various Group discussions
  • Management Simulation Games and Exercises
  • Video & Role Plays
  • Minimal Lectures to reinforce learnings
Key Topics :-
    • Program Agenda & Course Objectives
    • Ice Breaking Activities
    • Distinct Definitions in Managing People
      • Activity vs Productivity
      • Efficiency vs Effectiveness
      • Work Hard vs Work Smart
      • Quality vs Quantity
    • Basic Fundamentals and Self-Realization
      • Time is A Commodity
      • Major Time Wasters
      • Time Management Resources – Resources, Time and Quality
      • Sharpen Your Focus – SMART Goals
    • Planning For Performance
      • Planning – 5 Steps
        • Step 1 – Identify Your Goal
        • Step 2 – Identify Your Resources
        • Step 3 – Identify Your Actions
        • Step 4 – Work Your Action Plan
        • Step 5 – Self-Monitor and Self-Evaluate Performance
      • Time Management Matrix – 4 Quadrants
        • Urgent
        • Important
    • Priorities Setting
      • Priorities Setting Techniques
        • Scheduling
        • Pareto Principle
        • Technology
        • Time Management Matrix
      • Procrastination
        • Why Do We Procrastinate?
        • How To Deal with Procrastination?
    • 7 Habits of Highly Productive People
      • Habit 1 - Focus on the Important (Stay focus)
      • Habit 2 – Allocate breaks strategically ( Rest when you are tired)
      • Habit 3 - Remove Productivity Pitstops (Things that limit productivity)
      • Habit 4 - Begin with the End in Mind (Set Goals)
      • Habit 5 - Put First Things First (Set priorities & make the best of time)
      • Habit 6 - Set timeline (Things get done)
      • Habit 7 – Work Your Action Plan & Automate everything possible
    • Managing Resources
      • Managing Time Systems
      • Managing Documents
      • Managing Interruptions
      • Managing Phone Calls
      • Managing Workspace
Your Trainer

Hjh. Rita Juniati Rutaff is a qualified and experienced Human Resource Practitioner, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and internationally accredited Trainer focusing on specialized areas such as Communications and Personality, Organizational Development, Talent Management, Change Management, Capability and Competency-based training. She conducts Human Resource Business Plan, coaches, advises leaders on key strategy issues that improve individuals, departments and organizational current and future performance requirements for various organizations she worked with.

She is internationally recognised and accredited licensed trainer by Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training Programs, Dimensions Development International Programs (DDI), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for in-house programs.

Her diverse background and qualifications, added with strong anchor in Human Resources & Training experience had accelerated her role as “In-house Consultant” and training effectiveness which adds value to building human capital to organisations she dealt with. Moreover, her sound analytical skills and being strong advocate to Information Technology are her strengths that had led organizations to greater heights with remarkable achievements.

Her performance track records with strong commitment and great passion in people development has helped her to head Human Resources and Training Development departments successfully in various organisations from diversified industries background, namely Malaysia Airlines, Carsem Semiconductor ( a member of Hong Leong group of companies), Medas Corporation Berhad, and MTD CAPITAL Group of Companies, a leading infrastructure conglomerate currently. Occasionally, she will be invited as speaker, coach and facilitate training and strategic business planning seminars for other organizations like PETRONAS, ASTRO, BASF and Ministry of Higher Education etc.

Academically, Rita is a bright scholar graduated with diverse professional qualifications. She graduated from Western Michigan University, USA with a Masters degree (Hons) in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) majoring in Finance and Economics. Prior to that, she was selected as the Best Student in Diploma in Statistics from MARA Institute of Technology, Shah Alam in 1980.

In conclusion, Rita who has a diverse professional qualifications with diversified industries’ career experiences as a Human Resource practitioner, professional trainer and leader for more than 25 years experience, have made her versatile, experienced and dynamic trainer in her own unique way, would add value to organizations’ growth and sustainability in improving the nextGEN workforce.

Course Fee
(Course fee is inclusive of 2 tea breaks, lunch, course material,Certificate of Attendance)
Early Bird for training in KL : ( Book Before 10 January 2019 )
1 person or more ~ RM 880 / person
1 person ~ RM 980 / person
2 persons or more ~ RM 880 / person
(Course fee is inclusive of 2 tea breaks, lunch, course material, Certificate of Attendance)
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